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1/14/03 - State Fumes Over Toronto Trash Trucks - About 130 trucks, loaded with Toronto trash, each day rumble down a 90-mile stretch of Interstate 94 from Port Huron to southern Wayne County.

12/27/02 - Toronto Celebrates Dumping in Michigan - Residents in Vaughn, Ontario celebrate the closing of their landfill, meaning all Toronto's garbage is now coming to Michigan.

11/15/01 - New Contract Means More Canadian Garbage - The Toronto Works Committee agreed to continue trucking garbage to Michigan under a new expansion of the contract - meaning 1.25 million tons/year!

10/21/00 - Toronto Trash Bound for Michigan - Deal for sending trash to Northern Ontario falls through, meaning Toronto's trash headed for two landfill sites in Southeast Michigan.

3/19/99 - New Waste Import Bills Introduced in the U.S. House and Senate - House bill with 61 cosponsors (HR 1190) and similar Senate bill are introduced by Pennsylvania legislators.

3/11/99 - Ridge Seeks Limit On Trash Imports - Pennsylvania Gov. James Ridge is working hard to broker a compromise between importing and exporting states. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

3/3/99 - States Fight Over Trash Moves To Congress - New legislation introduced and hearings scheduled! (Washington Post)

2/28/99 - A Surprising Victory in the War on Trash/The People Spoke; The Politicians Listened - on passage of solid waste control laws in Virginia designed to stop NYC trash. (Richmond Times Dispatch)

2/28/99 - Trash Talk Moving to Congress, But Bliley Is Not Giving the Issue High Priority - turning the heat up on federal legislation! (Richmond Times Dispatch)

2/20/99 - Welcome to the new NO WASTE web page. In this section, we will be providing relevant solid waste news in Michigan and elsewhere, information on upcoming federal and state legislation, events, and anything else we thing you might want to know. Let us know what you would like to see in this section. Just click on the "Contact NO WASTE" button on the console at the top of the page or let us know in the guestbook at the bottom of the front page.

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